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International Frontiers of Mathematics

The conference “International Frontiers of Mathematics” will be held online from Sep. 15 to Sep 17, 2021 using Zoom. The main goal of the conference is to gather researchers from different areas and report on new trends and recent works and developments. The conference will be focused on algebras, differential equations, probability theory and their applications.

The conference is supported by

Sino-Russian Mathematics Center

Tianyuan Mathematical Center in Northeast China

Department of Mathematics, Jilin University 


Organizing Committee

Jiping Zhang (Chair) (Peking University)

Yong Li (Jilin University)

Ran Zhang (Jilin University)

Chunpeng Wang (Jilin University)

Yuecai Han (Jilin University)

Yunhe Sheng (Jilin University) 


The Schedule

Contact Person

Yunhe Sheng (shengyh@jlu.edu.cn)

Department of Mathematics, Jilin University

2699 Qianjin Street, Changchun, Jilin Province