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Closed geodesics on flat surfaces

  • Speaker:Weixu Su (Sun Yat-Sen University)
  • TIME:November 25, 2022 16:00-17:00 Beijing time (11:00-12:00 Moscow time)
  • LOCATION:onlien

Recording: https://disk.pku.edu.cn:443/link/C291CDF17D52919F78338D54E4AE1325
Valid Until: 2026-12-31 23:59


Abstract: Any holomorphic quadratic differentials on a compact Riemann surface induces a flat metric with conical singularities. Each regular closed geodesic on the flat metric is contained in a maximal flat cylinder. In this talk, I will survey some of our recent research on the distribution of flat cylinders.


Bio: Weixu Su is currently a Professor at the School of Mathematics at Sun Yat-Sen University. He got his PhD at Sun Yat-Sen University in 2011 and then started to work at Fudan University where he became a professor in 2021. He specializes in Teichmüller space theory and has published relevant results on Math. Annalen, Adv. Math. etc.