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Global axisymmetric Euler flow with rotation

  • Speaker:Yan Guo (Brown University)
  • TIME:December 15, 2022, 21:00-22:00 Beijing time (16:00-17:00 St Petersburg time)
  • LOCATION:online

Recording: https://disk.pku.edu.cn:443/link/E5C32793459707574B5D5FA1C4E122DE
Valid Until: 2027-01-31 23:59


Abstract: Rotation (e.g. Coriolis force) plays an important role in the dynamics of large scale fluid dynamics modeled by incompressible Euler equations. Thanks to decay and dispersive effect from a constant rotation, we establish asymptotic stability smooth axisymmetric incompressible Euler flows in the presence of a constant rotation force with a non-trivial swirl. We will review the recent progress on dispersive effects and global stability for nonlinear PDE, particularly in the framework of control of space-time resonance.


Bio: Yan Guo is currently a L. Herbert Ballou University Professor of Applied Mathematics, Brown University. He received his B.S. from Peking University in 1987 and Ph.D in Mathematics from Brown University in 1993. He was a Courant Instructor from 1993-95. He joined the faculty of the Division of Applied Mathematics at Brown University as an Assistant Professor in September 1995 and was promoted to Professor in 2004. Professor Guo is an A. P. Sloan Research Fellow for 1998-2000. his main research areas include PDE study on kinetic and fluid models for describing dilute gas, interfacial and boundary layer flows, plasma as well as stellar dynamics.