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Frobenius structures from Calabi-Yau categories

  • Speaker:Junwu Tu (ShanghaiTech University)
  • TIME:December 23, 2022 16:00-17:00 Beijing time (11:00-12:00 Moscow time)
  • LOCATION:online

Recording: https://disk.pku.edu.cn:443/link/9E311B9B60E51416E32FC149EA494B27
Valid Until: 2027-01-31 23:59


Abstract: Primitive forms were introduced by K. Saito in his construction of period mapping in the unfolding space of singularities. The Hodge theoretic structure involved in this construction is known as the semi-infinite Hodge structure introduced by Barannikov and Kontsevich. Following Kontsevich’s proposal in his 1994 ICM address, we shall discuss the appearance of such structures in the categorical contexts, as well as a few open problems in this direction.


Bio: Junwu Tu is a Professor at the Insitute of Mathematical Sciences of ShanghaiTech University. He got his bachelor’s degree from Nanjing University in 2005 and Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2011. His research centers around homological algebra and its applications in algebraic geometry, symplectic geometry, homological mirror symmetry and data sciences. Recently, he has been working on defining and understanding categorical Gromov-Witten invariants.